Flesh Arranges Itself Differently is a unique collaboration between The Hunterian and the David and Indrė Roberts Collection. Co-curated with the Roberts Institute of Art (which manages the David and Indrė Roberts Collection), the exhibition explores the varied ways in which artists have evoked bodily experiences, often in response to the impacts of technology, spirituality or mortality.

Selected by splicing two very different collections together, the works included here range from early anatomical studies to contemporary works in painting, print, sculpture, photography and video by leading international artists. The contemporary works often translate corporeal experiences through sculpture and figurative imagery, but also include more abstract pieces that allude to spiritual beliefs and psychological experiences.

Throughout the exhibition, we encounter bodies and artworks themselves as exposed to the interventions of external forces. Flesh Arranges Itself Differently explores new perspectives on these forces and the ways we have developed understandings of our bodies, whether in relation to their materiality, their transformation in modernity, or through otherworldly experiences.

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