Hold everything! 


Because Glasgow’s open tour bus is back! That’s right, from Monday 26th April 2021, you will be able to hop-on to the bus that takes you to some of the most amazing attractions in the city.

From the Riverside Museum, to Kelvingrove Art Gallery, as well as Glasgow Cathedral, The People’s Palace, Clydeside Distillery, and many other restaurants, cafes and retail spots, experience everything the city can offer with City Sightseeing Buses!

But not only are the buses back, but they are ready to offer you more than ever, with many joint ticketing opportunities coming soon, such as with Mharstanta, The Tea Rooms @ The butterfly and the pig, Walking Tours in Scotland, Pinkston Watersports, The Clydeside Distillery, The Glasgow Subway and many more!

Also, we hear there is a special media partnership coming up on Monday 26th April, with none other than Go Radio! We hear breakfast presenters Crofty and Grado have a special broadcast coming up with some very special prizes to win…

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