Staff and volunteers at The Tall Ship, are embarking on a fundraising voyage! The Tall Ship team will attempt to cover the distance of the Glenlee/Galatea‘s final voyage at sea – when she was towed from Seville to Greenock under the stewardship of Captain Alistair Miller, Murray Scrimgeour and Charles “Charlie” McIntyre.

Glenlee, or Galatea as she was known as at the time, departed from Seville at 0800 on 1st June 1993 on a 1380 nautical mile voyage to Greenock, arriving at 1650 on 9th June 1993.

The Tall Ship’s staff, volunteers and trustees are attempting to cover the equivalent distance on land by means of walking, running, cycling or any other Strava tracked activity. That is, 2555.76 kilometres (rounded up to 2556 km) or for those that prefer the imperial system – 1588.076 miles.

The challenge starts on Tuesday 1st September 2020 and their aim is to have collectively covered the entire distance before Thursday 1st October 2020.

To keep up to date with how the voyage is progressing there will be regular blog posts to update you on how the team are doing and give you further insight into the original voyage (with reference to Captain Alistair Miller’s original notes!).

Built in 1896, the Tall Ship Glenlee is the only Clydebuilt Steel Cargo Sailing Ship still afloat in the United Kingdom. Today, she is owned by the Clyde Maritime Trust* and operates as a charity, museum and historic ship with an affiliated boat-building workshop.

The Tall Ship appreciate all support and any donations are greatly appreciated and you can donate whatever you can to help the cause here: