Last week, GLA Members were delighted to go on their latest social to Tennent’s Visitor Centre which included a tour of Tennent’s Brewery Tour where we not only learned a lot about lager but we got to sample the perfect pint once the tour was over!

Our guide, Calum, was a font of knowledge (and very funny!) and was able to give us some really interesting facts and figures and trivia on Tennent’s before we set off for our tour.

  1. Beer has been produced on the site of the Wellpark Brewery since 1556!
  2. Bonnie Prince Charlie and Robert Burns were fans.  Legend has it, that Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army stopped at the Wellpark Brewery, where every man was “refreshed and heartened” by the Tennent’s brew, after their long march from the Highlands.
  3. The original brewery was founded in 1556 by Robert Tennent, a farmer and professional Maltman. Hugh and Robert Tennent then founded the current brewery in 1740, before Hugh’s descendant (who was also named Hugh) introduced Tennent’s lager in 1885, at the ripe old age of 21!
  4. The water used in Tennent’s comes straight from Loch Katrine; the malted barley is sourced from local farms before hops and yeast are added.
  5. 1797 saw the first export of Tennent’s Lager to America.
  6. In 2016, Wellpark became a Green Brewery and their sustainability achievement was 3% reduction of total electricity used in their brewing process (per 100L of beer).  That year also saw Tennent’s invest in a fleet of trucks which have reduced vehicle Co2 emissions by 68%. Similarly, they have improved water consumption by 10% year on year, emphasizing our commitment to staying as green as they can. They hope to get to Net Zero by 2030.

The tour took us outside onto the Wellpark site which is huge – in the old days there was a massive community of workers who lived on site with their families, there was even a church!

Calam took us into various rooms – one where Tennent’s was being made and another massive room which is for bottling and canning – sadly the machines weren’t in action during our tour but we were able to watch a video of the machines producing hundreds of thousands of cans each week!  It’s very impressive!

We finished the tour with an un-pasturised pint of Tennent’s Lager – probably the best pint of Tennent’s we’ve ever had!  On the way out, we had a look another look around the visitor centre and a browse round the shop which includes loads of cool Tennent’s merch – hoodies, hats, t-shirts, socks and lots more! They also have a 3D printer which allows you to have your very own personalised glass for your next pint – the perfect gift for the Tennent’s fan in your life!

We can’t recommend this enough, you can book yours here: Book Your Tennent’s Brewery Tour in Glasgow – Tennent’s (