As the city’s science hub, it’s no surprise that the environment is in focus at Glasgow Science Centre. The effort to promote sustainability stretches beyond their many exhibitions and workshops. With 2020, it seems that everyone is updating their Environmental Strategy for a new decade with sustainability in focus. Last we talked with the Hunterian, but the Centre is also currently updating theirs. We talked with Communications Manager Peter Chua about the role of the Centre leading up to COP26. 

Leading the way in sustainability

Glasgow Science Centre knows, if anyone, all about the importance of sustainability. This goes from both reducing energy consumption, down to more efficient handling of waste, Peter says. There are some challenges in a building as big as the Science Centre, that makes it somewhat difficult to efficiently heat and cool. However, this is all weighed up by the efforts to do make it as climate-friendly as possible. Staff is encouraged to travel by foot and cycle to work, and food sold in the shop and cafe are all sustainably produced goods and locally sourced.

Learn all about sutainability in the Science Centre!

A Science Hub for COP26

The Science Centre will play a big role in COP26, happening in Glasgow later this year. The Science Centre will be “at the epicentre of COP26”, Peter says. “It will be a unique opportunity for us to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in the climate debate. Not only during, but in the lead up to, and following this major event.” As the primary science hub in Glasgow, it makes sense that it would be one of the main venues. During the conference itself, they will also host both the UK and Scottish Government – as well as partnering with UK Research and Innovation!

Climate Science and Interactivity

The Centre will be somewhat closed to the public during COP26, but there are many initiatives and events for visitors to learn more about climate change. Peter mentions their “Powering the Future” exhibition and their live show “Future Fuels”. Both explore the different ways to generate energy. Like most exhibitions at the Science Centre, everything is centred around being fun and interactive. And with their newest permanent exhibition, Idea No59, there is now even more space to explore climate science. Amongst other things, this welcomes a new Design Studio, offering visitors “a creative space to design, build and create”.

For more information on the Glasgow Science Centre, find their page here.