We caught up with Gerry McCann, Customer Experience Manager, Glasgow Science Centre on a new initiative GSC has signed up to. 

WelcoMe is a cloud-based customer service platform solution that enables disabled visitors to plan assistance in advance of arriving at a venue.

It enables staff to manage, understand and assist disabled and vulnerable customers as per their requirements and needs. Direct communication improves the relationship between staff and customers and builds a foundation for a future visit. It also promotes inclusion and equality at its core and recognises that all parties need support and are prepared for customers’ arrival.

WelcoMe also provides in the moment accessibility training, hints, and tips for staff on how best to support disabled visitors and customers. GSC’s Customer Experience team have access to the app and are responsible for communicating with users and meeting them on arrival. Staff can also be briefed in advance so that they know what to expect.

“Glasgow Science Centre have been using this app for a couple of months now and having this information in advance really helps our staff deliver a better experience for our disabled visitors. We would highly recommend visiting the site and finding out more.”

WelcoMe for Business (wel-co.me)