Got a cancelled trip or event, or is the weather just too bad to go outside? We’ve got the best Glasgow podcasts to keep you connected to the city. Remember to leave your recommendation, if we’re missing one!

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Explore Glasgow Women’s Library

Glasgow Women’s Library doesn’t produce podcasts regularly, but they do offer a back catalogue of episodes to delve straight into! The episodes vary from interviews to selections of writing and performances. If you miss the library and want an insight into their projects, this is the podcast for you!

Find the podcast on their website. 

Learn All About Gin

Interested in picking up a niche hobby? Or maybe you’re already a big fan of gin, and want to learn more about its history and production in Scotland? The Talk Gin Podcast is perfect for you then, as it takes you across Scotland to various distilleries and areas of the gin industry. It’s produced between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but breaking out of the city can be a welcome change too.

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Glasgow Podcasts: The Culture Edition

The Glasgow Contemporary Centre for Arts has always been a big contribution to the cultural scene in Glasgow. It should be no surprise then, that the CCA also hosts their own podcast series. The podcast features interviews with many of the artists and curators that the centre has hosted. Interviewees include film festival curators and contemporary artists, so there’s a bit for every artsy soul out there. Find the podcast on their Soundcloud. 

For even more culture, Glasgow Museums has a similar podcast that features a behind the scenes look into the inner workings at the many museums.

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Discover the up-and-coming Glasgow creatives

Another interview podcast is focused on creatives as well – but this time it’s all about the small entrepreneurs and creatives in Glasgow. The Public Service Podcast is still relatively new, but the previous episodes have talked to creatives from band members to clothing designers. Whether you’re involved in the underground creative scene of Glasgow, or just wish you were, this podcast is sure to get creative sparks going.

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Suburbian Glasgow Podcasts Too!

Some of the best podcasts are just two people chatting for an hour: Like being invited into someone’s living room. The podcast “What Happened Next” is just exactly that, as pensioners Jack and Michael report live from the suburbs.

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