Discover Glasgow from new angles. Glasgow Like A… seeks to collect new perspectives on people’s favourite spots in Glasgow. Read on for our first instalment by our marketing intern, undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow, Anna,

Morning: Kelvingrove Art Museum and Park

I’m not an early riser, so if I had to show someone my favourite spots in Glasgow in a day, I’d probably want to start somewhere calm. I live in the West End and mainly get around by walking (weather permitting). Kelvingrove Art Museum isn’t too far away from me, and it’s always cozy there. Then, of course, it’s also free, which is always a bonus as a student.

Noon: The Willow Tea Rooms

From Kelvingrove the walk into town feels a bit shorter. I like taking guests, or friends for occasions, to the Willow Tea Rooms. I’m not from Glasgow originally, and I remember this as one of the first spots I visited with my mum when I first moved. I love the scones and speciality teas – my favourite is one of the blends with apple! Besides this, it’s a nice break from the busyness of Buchanan Street, and a good place to rest before continuing the Glasgow tour. I’m half Austrian, so I really appreciate the decor of the place as Charles Rennie Mackintosh was part of the Austrian art movement of the Vienna Secession.

Afternoon: Glasgow Film Theatre

Possibly one of my most frequented places in Glasgow is the Glasgow Film Theatre, GFT. Their selection of films are great, and I love that it feels like a theatre. This is also where they often play some smaller films, and it can be fun seeing something you haven’t heard much about beforehand. Besides this, the GFT, and the Grosvenor Cinema in the West End, is also where they tend to do screenings of National Theatre Live! Again, for a student a cheaper option than getting down to London for theatre tickets, and just as enjoyable.

Evening: Broadcast

A little bit further up on Sauchiehall Street is Broadcast. It’s a bar I spent a lot of time with my friends in my first year of University. This is also a great spot to get a beer and catch up on your feelings about the film you’ve just seen. They have a disco ball in the basement, and often do small gigs and pub quizzes as well. I’ve seen some bands here that I didn’t know before and have grown very attached too. I would definitely recommend going for the small local bands, as the music scene in Glasgow is so varied and interesting. Broadcast is one of many places that put on smaller gigs, and Glasgow is a great spot for this.

Night: Ashton Lane

If you’re not ready to go home just quite yet, move up the West End to Ashton Lane. This photogenic lane is very popular with Uni students and tourists alike, as  fairy-lights light up the area. There’s a selection of bars and restaurants, so when I want to continue the night but don’t want a too long walk home, this is a good place to do it.