[Updated 26th March]

We recommend following advice issued by Glasgow City Council and the NHS at all times. Due to the situation, more attractions are closing down. Follow our social media channels for our advice on how to stay entertained in Glasgow during coronavirus!

Current travel advice advises against all non-essential travel to and around the UK. It is also advised to wash your hands when entering and leaving a venue and keep a distance from the people around you. Find the updated information on COVID-19 on the Glasgow City Council page here. If you think you are displaying symptoms, stay indoors and follow NHS advice. 

What attractions are closed?

Due to the coronavirus, all GLA attractions are closed until further notice.

Some attractions have posted tentative opening hours, but these are subject to change.

Some attractions will host alternative online events. We will share these with you on our Facebook, so keep an eye out!

What can I still do during coronavirus in Glasgow?

Current Government advice is to not leave the house unless doing necessary shopping, exercising once a day, or caring for someone vulnerable. Many venues around the city are hosting alternative events on social media, such as Glasgow Science Centre who will host science talks and workshops appropriate for the entire family, on their Facebook channel.

We are still going to post about online events and ideas for activities on our Facebook and Instagram. If you have any tips to keep entertained you would like to share, tag us at @thingstodoinglasgow #thingstodoinglasgow!