Earth Day has brought together people all over the world to champion the environment since 1970. The day encourages everyone to host events related to the environment. The UN also picked the day to sign in the landmark Paris Climate Agreement in 2016. The day always comes with a theme: Last year, this was ‘CleanUp’, and this year it’s Climate Action – and for the first time ever, Earth Day is online.

50 Year Anniversary

Earth Day started in 1970 after it was proposed in 1969 at the UNESCO Conference by peace activist John McConnell. The event is meant to gather support for environmental protection and the first day led to the passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States. Their reach grew with mass media and was global by 1990.

The first Earth Day is credited with launching the environmental movement as we know it today. 

Earth Day Goes Online

The first day saw 20 million on the streets and across University campuses – something that is obviously not possible at the moment. Instead, the day has moved online. A calendar on their site will provide you with a map of all digital events that have been registered for this year. The organisers have also prepared a live stream which you can find here. Following the theme, this year it is encouraged to “flood the internet” with climate activism. Whether this is facts, images, calls to politicians, or what else. For every hour of the 24 hours of 22nd April, there will be a new prompt for action. This is meant to inspire people to take concrete climate action to help the environment.

You can join via their website on or on social media @earthdaynetwork.

Environmental Glasgow

We’ve previously written on another big environmental event: COP26. This event was meant to be in Glasgow in November but has now been postponed. Glasgow is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and we are excited to participate in Earth Day. Simultaneously, this is a great time to show the Glaswegian spirit of championing the climate and ensuring that COP26 will still be hosted in Glasgow in 2021. Feel free to tag us in your Glasgow efforts on Earth Day on @thingstodoinglasgow or #thingstodoinglasgow, and let’s show the world how green Glasgow is!