Our best friend. Dogs. And you’re not alone in thinking it, with an estimated 8.9 million four-legged companions across the UK. Thankfully, as the nation’s third biggest city, we have the backs of both you and your pet as you head out and about to experience our city. Here is the definitive guide to keeping your dog entertained as you explore Glasgow.

Getting around

Whether you’re the proud owner of a Great Dane or prefer your pocket pooch to a larger breed, Glasgow taxi drivers are surprisingly accommodating when there is an extra passenger on board. The same goes for bus drivers, and who can blame them, it’s no secret that some dogs are better trained than their humans! Glasgow is committed to becoming the UK’s first carbon-neutral city and, as a result, there has been a marked increase in pedestrianised zones and footpaths. From Heritage trails to nature walks, these routes will ensure your four-legged friend is the most cultured and well-exercised dog in the neighbourhood. To make your life easier, the Council has created a handy collection of user-friendly maps, accessible through the link above, which means you can keep a wealth of walks at your fingertips and never be stuck when it comes to deciding how to get across town. It may be 109 miles long in total, but it would be rude not to take a jaunt down the stretch of the river Clyde that our very city was built on. Perhaps the most scenic section, and certainly one of the most accessible, is the part that begins in the West End and runs right the way through to Glasgow Green. The majority of this walk is spared from busy cars and remains relatively enclosed due to the water on one side and plentiful greenery on the other. There are numerous great wee areas for a pit stop along the way and, in turn, loads of opportunities to make some doggie pals from all four corners of the city. Although most owners know the drill with mess; its worth highlighting that there are hundreds of bins dotted around to keep Glasgow clean and help avoid any unwelcome surprises underfoot!

Food and Drink

Glasgow is massive. There are probably enough pubs and restaurants to eat out every day for a lifetime and still not visit them all. Therefore, to avoid any disappointment, we have created a comprehensive list of the best kind of eateries – the ones that let your dogs dine with you.

West End

Arguably one of the most dog-friendly parts of the city due to its high concentration of arty types, and consequently dachshunds, there is a great selection of places to take your dog without having to worry about a frosty reception. Representing the veggies is Serenity Now, a bright and homely little cafe situated on Great Western Road. Frequented by local doggy royalty, the Prince of Glasgow, it has the regal hallmark of approval if your pet enjoys chilled out surroundings whilst you sip on the latest kombucha. Alternatively, if acclaimed Scottish Fayre and a sleek interior are more your thing, Stravaigin on Gibson Street serves delicious traditional plates with a twist, and there are more than enough dog biscuits to go round. When it comes to watering holes, the doggy oasis that is Inn Deep is perfectly placed for a pint after your pets have taken a dip in the river which flows past it. No matter what time of day you visit, it is highly likely there will be some sort of four-legged meet and greet already in full swing, making it a great place for both you and your pooch to pause and catch up on the latest happenings.


For brekkie, a fail-safe doggie bet is the Glad Cafe C.I.C. Whilst it is open all day and becomes even more animated in the evenings with live music and sharing plates, the boho surroundings serve up a refreshing start to the day that is a little out of the ordinary for your pets morning chew. Whether you choose to sample a gluten-free option or prefer one of the delicious cakes from the Big Bear Bakery, the staff are incredibly welcoming towards furry companions of any kind. If your dog’s ability to sit and stay is a little rusty, do not fear as the Bungo has a lunch menu which can be nibbled on whilst still keeping a tight hold of their lead. From satay skewers to fluffy chips and dip, we highly recommend the bungo breakfast as a hearty brunch option. Finally, if you are missing your mum’s kitchen (and indeed her crockery) then the Butterfly and the Pig Southside serves up all the homemade classics on mismatched plates and knitted doilies to boot. Whilst this may sound like a rather off-the-wall business idea, this restaurant/ pub is always packing and the Sunday Roast is absolutely to die for.

City Centre

If you are hitting the town, chances are you might be looking for a bar setting to enjoy a refreshing beverage or two. As the name implies, the BrewDog Doghouse in the Merchant City caters to both you and your pet with a selection of craft beers and unpretentious surroundings to make all parties feel at home. Wednesday is a particularly good day to pay this establishment a visit as their word class wings are on offer at £10 for all you can eat – no shame then in slipping one under the table! For something a little more substantial, head to Argyle street and pay the lovely folk at Firebird a visit. Fronted entirely with floor to ceiling windows, your dog will have plenty to look at, leaving you to tuck into one of their delicious Artisan pizzas. Open until midnight, your pet might want to stay out longer than you, so don’t be surprised by the attentive staff who are highly likely to spoil your smaller companion.


Glasgow has some of the finest parks in the UK, including Kelvingrove in the West End and Glasgow Green to the East of the City Centre. There are open spaces to suit all abilities and ages, so whether you are walking an older dog who prefers a gentle stroll to the hyper half hour favoured by their younger counterparts, there really is something for everyone. BorrowMyDoggy has put together an awesome article that will allow you to match up your pet’s needs to the best green spaces in the area, because a happy dog is a happy owner and there is nothing better than a content pooch to keep you company after a long day out and about. For rural walks, consider the drive out to the Whitelee windfarm which combines thousands of acres of open wetland with large grassy stretches to create nothing less than a dog’s paradise. Located only half an hour south of the city centre, it really isn’t far to travel considering this day out will undoubtedly surpass any foreign holiday by their standards.

Every dog is unique and so are their favourtie things to do! We love to hear about what you get up to with your pet, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to tag us in all your best snaps or comment below!