Meet Kara, The Rangers Museum’s Supervisor

The brand-new multipurpose venue, Edmiston House, is now home to Rangers Football Clubs first museum. We opened our doors 31st July 2023 after years of preparation.

I’m excited to introduce myself as the Visitor Experience Supervisor within the museum. I started as a volunteer with the heritage team last September. The team took on the mammoth task of recording all artefacts from 1872 onwards in preparation. Before the museum, the only way to celebrate the club’s history was through the stadium tours, which took you through the manager’s office, directors’ box, trophy room and more.

It is such a treat to be able to see the vast history of the club in one concise museum, which takes you from the early years, all the way through to current day. With help of the interactive games, personal interviews and music, you’ll be immersed in the abundant history that will be sure to bring back magical memories.

Watching fans reminisce is definitely my favourite part of the job. It’s not everyday I see people teary eyed in a museum setting, so I find this very special. With that, some of these people are not avid museum goers, and so it is lovely to know we are bringing Glasgow’s heritage to people who would usually not be subjected to it. I’ve grown up in Glasgow my whole life and know that it is the people’s personal stories that brings the place to life.

All the nerves for opening night have paid off when I think of the lovely fans from all over the world that I’ve had the pleasure to talk to. The builders were working non-stop to have the museum perfect for our VIP opening. Thankfully it was a huge success, with guests leaving very impressed and inspired. Since that night, the team have been kept busy with visitors, football groups and charity tours. We strive each day to become a respectable museum and a 5-star visitor attraction.

You can meet the team yourself by booking tickets online or within Edmiston House Edmiston House | Rangers Football Club